Socialismo Utópico: Robert Owen y la búsqueda del paraíso. RObert owen and the search of the paradise

Se dice que la historia nos ayuda a comprender mejor los tiempos actuales. En estos días tal vez buscar en el pasado podría ser una alternativa a la solución de los problemas bajo otra perspectiva. No hace mucho tiempo, Robert Owen decidió crear una nueva forma de entender el mercado y la forma de vida: él lo llamó socialismo. Y decidió llevarlo a cabo. Este documental muestra lo que hizo

It is said that history help us to understand better the present times.  In these days maybe look for at the past could be an alternative to solve the problems  under another perspective. NOt long time ago, Robert owen decided to create a new way of understand the  market and the way of life: he called it socialism. And he decided to carry it out. This documentary shows  what he made


Un pensamiento en “Socialismo Utópico: Robert Owen y la búsqueda del paraíso. RObert owen and the search of the paradise

  1. I find very interesting and useful the idea of socialism, the idea in of a world in which things are shared, a society in which there are no wealthy or poor men, all of them are in the same conditions because everybody works for the benefit of the society. I know there are many people who are against socialism, they think it’s simply awful, but I think that the problem is that the ones who have tried to put this system didn’t do it in the right way.

    I don’t think this socialism is an utopian one, but i recogn it would be very difficult to impose it nowadays. In order to do that we would have to change the way of teaching, so that the new generations would think in a different way, in a way that will show them to share things and to work for all, for the society and not only for themselvers or for their families. Owen argued that human nature could be changed: since we are all products of our environment, one need only change the environment to change man. He said :

    “My reason taught me that I could not have made one of my own qualities, — that they were forced upon me by nature; — that my language, religion and habits were forced upon me by society; and that I was entirely the child of Nature and Society; — that Nature gave the qualities, and Society directed them. Thus was I forced, through seeing the error of their foundation, to abandon all belief in every religion which had been taught to Man. But my religious feelings were immediately replaced by the spirit of universal charity.”

    I agree with Owen as he says that we human beings can change our mentality, and if we achieve this goal, socialism would not be an utopian dream, it would be a reality. But I don’t agree with Owen when he says that religion is an error, and that religious feelings should be replaced by the spirit of universal charity; I’m Christian so I believe in God but I think that the spirit of charity can exist with the religious feelings, and we have to respect the belief of other people because everyone is free to think what he want.


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