Show business kids: ethics and capitalism. Niños y fama: capitalismo y ética

A Long time ago children wanted to be football players, teachers, policemen,… parents were the professional reference. Nowadays children want to be famous, popular, and they want to be admired on television or Internet. What matters is the power of the image, of the self-image through the screen, but what happens to the young stars when the camera is off? Is it ethical to use their talents to earn money? Are they conscious about what it means to be famous? Must their parents decide for them?

HAce algún tiempo los niños querían ser futbolistas, profesores, policías, … los padres eran la referencia profesional, pero hoy los niños quieren ser famosos, populares, quieren ser admirados en televisión o internet. Lo que importa es el poder de la imagen, de poder verse a través de la pantalla, pero qué ocurre cuando una joven estrella deja de ser grabada? ¿Es ético usar sus talentos para ganar dinero?¿Son conscientes de lo que implica ser famoso? ¿Deben sus padres decidir por ellos?

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8 pensamientos en “Show business kids: ethics and capitalism. Niños y fama: capitalismo y ética

  1. In my view, I don’t think it is a problem that children perfom in talent shows. The problem is the intention of their parents. Parents want their children to be famous because of that, they’ll get money from them and, in the future, they could say that their children are famous because they made it possible.
    Furthermore, if children succeed, their parents don’t know when to stop and how to control the previous life (when they weren’t famous).

    I agree with Irene Dreayer that parents should respect if their children doesn’t want to participate in a talent show. I also agree with her that, in some cases, it seems that it is their parents’ dream, and not the kids’ dream. In this way, children won’t be happy and comfortable because they don’t like being at the show.

    In conclusion, I think children are just children and their parents are who have to decide what is better for each one.

  2. From my point of view, I think we are totally failing in the education of our children and the coming generations, parents leave children with 7 or 8 years old watching tv all the day, and their parents don’t give love to them, they dont play with their children, because they’re tired of working, which is the essential thing for the education of a kid since his birth, LOVE. Most people have kids, they go working everyday and the child is educated by the tv and Internet, and when he is 10, he has seen he can be rich, famous, and without finishing the ESO, because they think they have a don. Well, they’re kids, but the worst thing is their parents tell them, ok, be a star if it’s what you want, but no, your father isn’t your fan, is your father, so he has to tell the kid to study hard, that’s what I would do if I have a kid, give always love to him and try him to study hard. And of course not, a little boy can’t decide by himself something like to study or not to study, of course he’ll choose not to study, because it’s easier becoming rich without studying, and a father has to be there to tell the kid, my son, my little son, go on studying, you’ll get further.

  3. I think, as Irene Dreayer says in the video, that has to be the children’s dream(s), not their parents’. Because that’s only makes them unhappy, because it’s not something they want, is something imposed on them. And I think that this is the principal problem of almost the second problems that have celebrities who started very young in the world of entertainment. As the women says, parents should accept the decisions of their children, and support them.

    There are many famous cases of sinking into depression, or deep psychological problems suffered by the pressure to be stars at such a young age.

    I do not mean that I disagree with programs promoting to young talents in the industry, because in a way, is a way of living. But there should be more laws, or rules to govern that activity, because even though no one sees what goes on behind a camera. And a 7 year old girl (the age that Demi Lovato, for example, and many other people began to act) do not think it should be and tied to contracts, hard work and stress, when at this age we all only think of been educated, to play and to enjoy.

  4. In my opinion to be famous don’t need an exact age, only that the person is psychologically prepared to face an audience.
    Reading the experience of Demi Lovato I can clarify my point of view. She said the disease had not been for being a young star but the disease was earlier.
    Nowadays kids want to be famous in the future, I think it’s because kids only see the splendor of the famous and not just see when his triumph, defeat.
    There are many different programs, I think everyone is more suited to an age. As Crowell says a child can be submitted to a program like ¨American Dance Crew¨ or ¨Britain’s got talents¨, always knowing where you are and do not put aside your normal daily life.

  5. In my opinion, I agree with the people who have talent and are going to television to make money, If I had it, I would go too. The worst thing is that when you’re a boy or a girl does not have the ability to think and act like an adult, and therefore, many young artists came to be ambitious to have serious problems, such as Demi Lovato, explained in the news BBC.
    When a young becomes famous, he or she thinks are the best and famous few are humble. However, I believe that a person who is considering a career, prepare and get to work on something that she studied, that person will feel much more accomplished, for all your training and get a job.
    Then, Irene Dreayer’s interview is very interesting. I agree with her, and I think parents should not decide on their children, they should be free to choose their future, and not, for frustrated parents to send shows to become famous.

  6. In my point of view there isn’t a age for be a famous.
    The children should be supported by their parents in their futur.
    If it is true that a child with seven years shouldn’t be working because this means a lot of responsibility and stress.
    The future of these children depends on their success in television and that age should be learning with their friends at school.
    I think that there must be a fixed age but you have to be aware that at this age are very small for work.

  7. In my opinion, this decision should be taken by the parents, because it is a decision that will mark their lifes and they aren’t enough mature to know the problems that it has. People and specially children like this way of life because they only see the good face that publicity shows us for being well seen by society and not the dificulties and adversities that being famous at this age has. Parents should think about what they are doing to their children and if it is the best for them, not for the material profits that they could get because if irresponsible parents do this the will only perjudicate their children showing them something that isn’t the real world.

  8. From my point of view, life has its phases, and they musn’t be acelerated because all of these phases make the personality of a person.

    What happens nowadays, is that the image of young childrens is solt easily as easy way to get to the fame and it shouldn’t be like that, because those people need more time to develop it.

    Another drawback is the naivety of the people who they are young, wich their minds doesn’t have enough experiences to support the fame, what brings pressure, obligations and limits. The fame also can deviate childrens from studies that in they probably need in the case of lost their fame.

    Talking about parents, those have to help their children to make decisions, but the kid makes the last decision.


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