Social Isolation: The loneliness of social networks. Aislamiento social:La soledad de las redes sociales

It seems that globalisation has brought a smaller world. Frontiers have been broken by social networks. People get in contact through the Internet, recover old friendships, communication seems to be simpler and more fluid than ever. THe contact seems to be direct, easy and in present time. So can we say that social networks have killed loneliness? Not at all, the problem is not the capacity to find and to make friends on the Internet, the problem is the quality of this kind of friendship. So more people live alone now than at any other time in history: this is social isolation, a new kind of loneliness.

PArece que la globalización ha empequeñecido el mundo. Las redes sociales han traspasado y derribado las fronteras. La gente entra en contacto a través de internet, recupera viejas amistades, la comunicación parece ser más simple y fluida que nunca. El contacto parece que es directo, fácil y en tiempo presente, instantáneo. VIendo esto ¿podemos decir que las redes sociales han terminado con la soledad? En absoluto, el problema no es la capacidad de encontrar y de hacer amigos en internet, el problema es la calidad de este tipo de relaciones. De modo que a día de hoy existe más soledad en el mundo que nunca en la historia. Esto es el aislamiento social, un nuevo modo de soledad.

Linving alone

Viviendo solos

People anti-social


27 pensamientos en “Social Isolation: The loneliness of social networks. Aislamiento social:La soledad de las redes sociales

  1. I think that the cuality that a real friend has, never be equal that an internet friendship. In the other hand, is better have friends abroad but with attention with the information that you tell him/her because if he/she is a bad person can use this information yo make you hurt. I also think that the isolation of a person not change if he/she has an internet friendship because a lonely person need a real friend who can go out with him/her.
    I prefer a real friend than an internet friendship.

  2. Firstly I agree with the social globalization because it allows to the people chat and speak to other in another part of the world of a instant form, whether from viewpoint economic such as multinationals companies and social point for example this method it allows the people to open their minds and to know new cultures and different form of see the life.

    Nevertheless I don´t agree with the idea of living alone and isolated from society because I think that it is good that a person have very friends of internet, but it is also convenient have a big life social in this reality.
    I think this way has many a several of advantages that the other haven´t got as make activities of leisure (go to the cinema, macdonald or field), to feel a number of sensations and emotions (air on your face, odor, love, sadness).

    Finally I believe if a person likes being bachelor , it will be able to be a strange or normal and important form of see the life. So I am not against this method, but they have to take the consequences that this entails.

  3. In my opinion I think Social Isolation is a very big problem in our society. It’s true that thanks to the technology, we can meet other people who are in the other part of the planet. But, it’s mean more hours in front of a computer, or a mobile phone, chatting or talking with someone and this is a time that we are resting to meet other people face to face. When a person is all day in a computer or a mobile, doing things and chatting with someones, he/she isn’t at the street, talking with friends face to face, they aren’t in contact with real people that are in the society. But, there is another problem, in my opinion, that comes to this problem. A lot of people think that live alone, or no see your relatives in a period of time it isn’t a problem, even they can contact they thanks to social networkings. But, I think people knows it, and we aren’t worried about it. I talk in first person plural because people are we. We don’t care about see our relatives or friends, even we can talk with them. We can spend time in front of the computer chatting with someone, but we don’t care about seeing them. Although the technology is more and more development each day, is it good for us?. Is a very good question that we have to ask us

  4. In my opinion the person at fault of social isolation we are we. Technology and social networks can help it but we decide how we live and how we use these.
    I think social networks are a really good way to talk with people and to be in contact with our relatives and friends, the problem star when social networks and people we meet on it became all our social life.
    When we meet someone on internet can appear a bond but this link can hurts you more than it helps you. You can love this person and you can think that you can trust in him or her but really you can’t know all his/her truth. You can watch him/her on a screen but you don’t know how he/she smell,higher than you he/she is and more things that you know when you see someone face to face, and when you talk with him/her, he/she can tell you that he/she want to make you think that he/she is like you’d like, if he/she don’t want talk to you more time can turn off his/her computer or mobile phone and then can told you that it was broken or something like that. These types of relationships or friendships aren’t of good quality. And if you find the correct people and you can meet with him/her face to face, it’ll hurt you because you aren’t together always, everyday or every week and it’s going to cause that you miss him/her and you will need a lot of security and confidence to support the distance. These relations shouldn’t damage real relations but if these people only have online relation we have to think what type of life these people live. Why these people can find confidence and fondness in people that they know for a lot of time and know their real life? In my opinion we have to think over values that we have, these values can be the answer to he question why people prefers live alone and meet people on internet? They can think that people in their around aren’t as good as they need or can they hurt them and now they don’t want contact with them, so they look for people interesting on internet. Some people can think that on internet people lies but it doesn’t matter to them because they maybe don’t find really good relations only look for someone who can talk.
    In some of these articles talk about a lot of people prefer live alone, I think it isn’t a problem, a person who want to be independent and need to show him/her is a good quality, but the problem appear when people live alone because they are so shy or vague that they won’t work to find someone special, this type of people won’t be happy because they don’t look forward that they want and it’s a problem. Can be a problem too people who live alone because they have lost their families, this is so sad because they feel alone and depressive and it isn’t their fault but I think these people should find a place where others take care of them like an old people’s home, some of them have lived several years alone and now they don’t want leave their house but I think this is unhealthy and they need help, this help can be someone that go or live in their house with them and help but I think an place with people like them and where they can meet people with their interest are better.

  5. The socials networks have a advantage but it have a great disadvantage too.
    The advantage is, that with the socials networks you can meet a lot of people and you can found an old friend that you didn’t see or a relative who lives abroad and you didn’t know about him.
    But the great disadvantege is, that the people increasingly use more socials networks to communicate and we prefer to speak through a computer or a mobile phone that talk face to face.
    Over time, people are being left us alone and that instead of going outside, relate us to other people, meet new people and talk with them we prefer socialize with the new technology.
    The people prefer go to live alone because it is what continually make, being alone against the computer or the mobile phone. So when we want meet new people in the street costs us more because we are not used to it because we do it every day with socials networks.
    So we go to the street to socialize and we use technologies reasonbly.

  6. I’ve read the articles so I’m going to give my opinion about social isolation:

    Firstly, it’s not the same to live alone that to be alone: a person can live and have social relationship with everyone, near or away, but they have. People who decides to live alone can have different motives:
    1- one of them is by need- usually young people go where there’s a job , so they have no option and they must travel away to another city or country, so they have to live alone right. So close relationship are more difficult but not impossible.
    2- Other motive for to live alone can be by own decision. When they live alone (one person by house) they are their own owners and they decide what to do and how administrate everything about his life. On having lived alone, you don’t have so many familiar worries so you have more free time and it carries to socializing yourself through internet

    They throw the fault of the isolation of one itself to the technologies. I don’t think that. I think you can be very social on Internet and very social too face to face and if you like meeting new people so social networks, it doesn’t mean you’re a freak and feel out of the real word. Even internet friends are better than friends near you. And I’m talking in first person because I have very good friends who live so far away from me and they understand me more and better than my ‘real friends’ Because most of society think that having internet friends is dangerous and it’s not okay. But they shouldn’t say that if they haven’t lived that feeling. Social networks doesn’t make you antisocial. Having social relationship is not bad. It’s good but we should be careful like everything all depends of the use we do.

    The concept ‘alone together’ means that people are connected to social networks and they look like they have ‘friends’ but really, if they look around they’re alone. They haven’t got someone to speak face to face. And through we can meet relatives by networks like Skype, Facebook, Twitter etc, we feel we can live well meeting someone over a screen, so, why do we need to meet face to face? Why is this way better than internet?

  7. Es cierto que las tecnologias avanzas, y como he leido en un post, la tecnologia nos hace sentir más a gusto en la soledad.
    Ahora para hablar con alguien no hace falta estar en persona, podemos establecer un chat y hablar mediante las nuevas tecnologias.
    Esto de la calidad de la amistad y de cuantos amigos tenemos es un tema bastante tratado, pudiendo tener mas de 1.000 contactos en una red social, la calidad de la relacion entre esos deja mucho que deasear. De esos 1.000 solo conoceras a 100 o 50 como mucho. Podríamos decir que coleccionamos amistades.
    Sin embargo me parece una tonteria echar la culpa a la tecnologia, no es el nuevo modelo de ordenador o la nueva red social lo que nos aisla, ¡somos nosotros mismos!.
    La sociedad se esta volviendo mas solitaria porque nosotros queremos, no podemos quejarnos de algo que estamos aceptando.
    Ese video sobre los japoneses son una excepción, habrán recibido una educación en la que solo se tienen que preocupar de sus asuntos, pero no tiene nada que ver con ninguna actualizacion de Facebook o similares.

    Dicho esto, la sociedad esta sola porque quiere. La tecnologia no tiene la culpa, la tenemos nosotros.

  8. The society and the way are established the relationships, clearly, has changed. Means of transport, and specially, in the last few years the media, have revolutionized not only the economy, but the culture, the labor market…and the way we relate to others.

    These means of communication allow us to be able to maintain instant contact with friends or relatives even if we are at a distance of many miles, which is habitual with the job market changes. In turn, from having satisfied in this way our necessity of relating to each other, it makes that we less need to go out to find new people to talk with, so we can reach situations in which exist physical lack.

    I think the use of computers and mobile phones should be limited, because it can´t completely substitute our social life. There are moments in which we have to know to switch off these technological tools and talk with people face to face. As a conclusion, they should be facilities to open us doors, not to close them. We are who decide.

  9. From my point of view, social isolation is not a problem that affects society. Most people who decide to start living alone and independently have reached the age of majority, which have a certain grade of mental intelligence, and have the necessary psychological skills to tackle everything that comes with living alone and what that entails. It is true that if we look from another perspective the approach of our opinion can change. Many people we know or see in our day are victims of social isolation. People often suffer rejection by others simply because they prefer to be unaccompanied. We can also infer that social isolation is a problem for people in this isolated cove so deep they may even die alone without any company.
    However, my opinion to this is that those who choose to live alone do it at their own volition. They realize about of the advantages and disadvantages that can mean loneliness, and there is no problem in doing that. There is no need to change the will of the people.
    If we refer to social networks, for me these will never be able to solve or find a substitute for loneliness. People need contact with other people face to face; and it is true that social networks are infinitely useful for communicating with others, with people who are thousands of miles away from us. But that does not mean we can live without the company of other people, depriving us of all that that entails.

  10. Well, I think social isolation is an individual problem. I mean that people decide to living alone or living with somebody. If somebody would live alone and it has enough money to do it, go and do it. Why not? Everyone can live as he wish. Today lonely isn’t as bad as it was 100 years ago. That type of lonely that people wants to be in can be solved joining chats online, it won’t probably be as if you had your best friend at your next but some people doesn’t want to be social.
    What I mean is, let people live as they want, if they have friends or not it’s their problem, not yours.

  11. Pienso que la tecnología no es la culpable de la soledad de la población.La población es la culpable.
    El problema lo tiene la población al dejar que la tecnología le domine y no al contrario.Hay personas que pueden tirarse días y días encerrados en su casa sin salir,hablando con personas a las que no tienen intención de conocer y aparentando cosas que no son.
    Pero según mi forma de ver las cosas todo depende del uso que le demos a la tecnología si yo le doy un buen uso y la utilizo de una manera en la que pueda comunicarme con personas de fuera o incluso de mi ciudad y hacer amigos y luego llevar todo eso a la práctica,perfecto,sino tendríamos que replantearnos que estamos haciendo y si es lo que realmente queremos.Además con las nuevas tecnologías podemos formarnos sobre muchísimos temas y aprender bastantes cosas así que no creo que sean ni mucho menos un problema.El problema es la manera en el que las usemos.

  12. I think that technology is not the guilty of the loneliness.The society is the guilty.
    The society has the problem because they let the technology control them and not in the other way.There are people that can spend days in their houses speaking with people that they don’t have the intention to meet and pretending that they are someone they don’t want to be.
    But from my point of view all depend in the use that you give to the technology,if i give it a good use and i use it in a way that I can comunicate with people of other places and also of my town,and then I do this in real life,it’s perfect,but if we don’t we have to think what we are doing and what we want to do.Also with new technlogys we can learn a lot about all so I don’t think it’s a problem.The problem is the way that we can use technologys.

  13. Unlike what Rubén has said, I think that social isolation is a common problem, we promote this situation with little acts like; A group of friends meet and the majority are with their smartphones talking with someone about silly things instead of talking and enjoying the meeting as much as they can; Teenagers used to have a mobile phone, if someone hasn’t one, he will look like an antisocial, empty and strange person, because he/she doesn’t need a device to make friends, to maintain a conversation, a friendship or a relationship.
    Nevertheless I believe that most of the people, most of them teenagers, can’t support neither a relation or a friendship without the intervention of these devices. For many people speak face to face or to know someone that you don’t know in person, it’s remain antiquated. I don’t deny that I am a victim of this new generation, because the comfort that give to you to know someone across a program called Whatsapp, it doesn’t give to you knowing him in person. Imagine that you don’t like or he isn’t as you expect, you block him and good-bye, but for example if you meet him in person and you don’t like the way he is or he thinks, you have to act and hold on until the date ends

  14. According to the post and video related to this topic, I think, the biggest problem we have to be influenced by technology. Whenever we feel better staying alone in our privacy and talking to someone easily through social networks and public chats, without the need to bother to move or move to another site to talk or share ideas with others.
    The main problem is we don’t know rationalizing technology, social life. New technologies whenever we “engage” more to be glued to a computer screen or a Smartphone and make us forget the world. If we tried to use the technologies just a little every day and we knew time to enjoy a good day walking with friends, enjoying a meal with friends and things like that, all the people who are now isolated social not would, as could fully enjoy a life company. Or at least they are used to make friends and meet new people, or acrylic could carry that out and meet them in person to relate better and not through a screen because one can not always be expected.
    In conclusion the problem is ours, not the technology.

  15. Gracias a la tecnología podemos comunicarnos más rápido y de manera mucho más sencilla con la gente, o por ejemplo nos podemos enterar de cualquier noticia entrando en las redes sociales. El problema es que conforme éstas van mejorando, nosotros nos pasamos más tiempo metidas en ellas. Nosotros mismos echamos la culpa a la tecnología porque pensamos que es el motivo de éste aislamiento, cuando en verdad no nos damos cuenta que es nuestra culpa porque la inmensa mayoría de nosotros no somos capaces de hacer un buen uso de las redes sociales, y pensamos que si no estamos pendientes de lo que ponen en éstas, nos sentimos aislados. En conclusión, opino que somos nosotros mismos al no hacer un buen uso de la tecnología nos vamos aislando poco a poco sin saber siquiera que es culpa nuestra.

  16. In the first place , all of us know that technology is a good invention to improve the world.
    In my opinion, social isolation is a problem which is bigger with the pass of the time but I think that anyone want that technology dissapear , because we like it!
    It’s true that now, people can live alone without any problem because we are comunicating for all day, since morning to the night. Sometimes we prefer staying at home chatting or doing something by the internet while we can go out to have a good time tal king with people face to face. But i believe that it is our problem because although society always are showing new technological products for our used, we really are the people who choose what we want to do with our lifes and in which activity we want to spend our time. I wouldn’t change my mobile , my computer , etc , like the mayority of the people ; but I always try to have time for both things. For example , I usually use technology to search information fastly, to communicate with people who need speak with them and to investigate new things that technology offer me.
    At work, technology is taking a lot of jobs and in adittion, people doesn’t have less relacionships with their partners because they can do the things through the new inventions.
    In conclusion , I think that technology si very good for us because has a lot of advantages, and with it, the world has advanced a lot . And a I think that people who has to travel to other country to hace a job , are very luckily , because I don’t think that they have fewer relationships with people who live there to be from differents countries otherwise they can improve their form of comunnicating and know different people , which is very interesting for me !

  17. I don’t think new technologies like the internet, social networks, etc are guilty of social isolation. Technology is just a supplement to our lifes, a tool, and like all we can use it properly or not. It has been a big change for our lifes in a positive way.
    Thanks to new technologies we can talk and communicate with people all around the world and learn other cultures, points of views and ways of life. However, everything in excess is bad, you can’t let technology consume your life. I think it’s important to set boundaries, to know if something is really worth it. We can’t be dependent on anything, is not good. Anyway, we can do whatever we want with our lifes but knowing the consequences.

  18. After reading the articles and watching the video we see that increasingly people live alone because of many reasons:

    The first reason is that with tablets and smartphones is easier to make friends of other countries, when you send a message through a social network, one minute later, you have an answer. Some people prefer that way of meeting people. But I think technology is a good tool if you use it in a good way, for example, if you are all day at home with your smartphone, it will predjuice you because you don’t have social life in your city and you don’t meet people there, but if you use it to talk with friends sometimes and to search information about something it’s not bad.

    Another reason is that nowadays is more difficult to find a job, so people have to move to another places and that makes difficult to have a social relationship with someone.

    The last reason is that people wait a lot of time to get married and also there is a high rate of divorces; and years ago the only way that people thought they could reach happiness was getting married, but today there are more alternatives to arrive that aim.

  19. New technologies have helped the society in several ways, like to talk with friends that live abroad or make communications faster in general. But it has also created this phenomenon called social isolation.
    My opinion about the social isolation is that it has reduced the willpower of the people and that is because now, you can have tons of “emotions” simply turning on your cell or computer and years ago, you had to look for emotions and meet physically people constantly to discover things that surprises you or make you react somehow. Each day we can get a lot of shocking information that we couldn´t have years ago and that has made us more difficult to surprise or feel strong emotions, so we think not worth the effort to get these emotions and that decreases our willpower. So, partly is our fault but also the system detract our mind.

  20. En mi opinión, pienso que somos nosotros los que nos aislamos a nosotros mismos por culpa de las nuevas tecnologías.
    En cuanto sacan un producto nuevo, al instante cada uno de nosotros queremos tenerlo. ¿Por qué ocurre esto? Porque dependemos de ello. Un claro ejemplo: El móvil. Nuestra sociedad ha creado la ideología de que si no tienes un Iphone, no tienes un móvil en condiciones, ha creado la ideología de que si no tienes cierta aplicación no vas a la moda…etc
    Nosotros mismos hemos creado que no podemos vivir sin la tecnología, sin las redes sociales. Hoy en día parece estar de moda el uso de redes sociales, y contra mas mejor, por ejemplo: Parece que te consideran mejor por tu perfil de Twitter y según el número de seguidores ¿Acaso eso importa?
    Con esto, el estar pendientes de nuestro perfil en las redes sociales, nos aisla del mundo exterior, de poder comunicarnos físicamente con las personas.
    Debo aclarar que el buen uso de la tecnología, como por ejemplo, el enterarse de nuevas noticias sobre lo que ha ocurrido en el mundo, o el poder comunicarse con personas de tu entorno; no debe afectarnos lo suficiente como para aislarnos. Mi conclusión, es que la culpa del propio aislamiento es nuestra y que esto no sucedería si el uso de las nuevas tecnologías es el adecuado

  21. I think that this is a important problem in our society. All the technologies bring good things and bad things. The good things that brings the social networks are make easy the way from comunicate to other but the people meet the other people less because you can be in contact with him without contact meanwhile you are confortable and outside is cold and you have to move… so you dont move and probably you dont meet people and you dont make new close friend all because you dont moves and go outside. Instead of this i think the social networks bring our more benefits than disavantages

  22. Según mi punto de vista, y coincidiendo con algunos comentarios, el aislamiento social y las redes sociales no siempre están conectados. Es cierto que nos ayuda a aislarnos del mundo real, que son multitud de ocasiones en las que vemos gente por la calle más atenta de su teléfono móvil que de la gente que le rodea, y debo incluirme. En cierta manera, es un buen medio para socializar sin necesidad de ser una persona abierta, para chatear con personas que viven lejos, ya sea en otro pueblo, país o continente, y para mantenernos conectados los unos a los otros; pero debemos aprender a darle un buen uso a este medio, ya que solo nos debería beneficiar, y no lo contrario. Debemos aprender que las relaciones virtuales no son malas, pero las relaciones “reales” son importantes y no debemos dejarlas de lado. Como bien ha dicho alguno de mis compañeros, las redes sociales no nos aíslan, somos nosotros quien hacemos mal uso de ellas aislándonos.

  23. In my opinion I think tha the only problem of isolation are the new technologies because nowadays we spend more time watching TV, playing computer games or just talking on Whatsapp like for example walking or doing sport.
    In the future, I think this problem will get bigger because the technology will improve and gradually we will think more on using new technologies such as walking with friends. The isolation problem is solved with a change of attitude towards technology. For example, we can spend a limit time in mobile or computer This change in attitude probably will not happen. My question is, if the number of social isolation is high at this time, within a decade will be much higher? The answer to this question did not know until 10 years from now. But if this happens, what will be the solution?. The technologies are not going away because anyone wants to disappear. Therefore we have to think solutions for whitin 10 years, if we dont seek solutions, most of the people wont have social life.

  24. There are two different types of isolation :
    – When you want to be alone and you search loneliness, this helps you to increase your knowledge, meditate and think about important things.
    – When you try to avoid loneliness, that desolation which make us sad, man is sociable that’s why interact with others is vital. Everyone’s felt alone sometimes in his life, but this is something natural and understandable. It’s ironic that often people who are in big crowds feel more alone than people who are in small groups. For example, there are much more loneliness in big cities, there you know few people and everyone has his own life, but in small villages people who live there help each other and interact with each other because everyone know everyone and often they’re happier than people from big cities.

    This post also talks about the loneliness of social networks, I think that social networks can help you making friends and to be happy or not, It just depend on the way you use them.

  25. In my opinion social networks can sometimes isolate us from what happens around us, but I think it is a good way to find out what happens in the world, what is happening in other countries and communicate with people who are not your country.

    I also think that we should not abuse them, because nowadays we know more people in social networks than in person.And not only young people are the ones who are hooked on it, even older people are starting to use them.

    Social networks are not bad if we know use them well. We are also accustomed to making difficult decisions through social networks, we should do this face to face with that person.

    We can not isolate ourselves, we have to know compensate the technologies and our social life.

  26. Estoy de acuerdo con que las tecnologías han avanzado mucho y eso hace que nos sintamos menos solos, cuando realmente lo estamos, podemos estar todo un fin de semana tumbados en el sofá con una tableta y sentir que tenemos una vida social buena y activa solo por hablar a través de una pantalla con personas a las que no vemos desde hace mucho, ¿no sería mejor salir y hablar con esa persona cara a cara? Tenemos miles de amigos en Facebook, o seguidores en twitter… pero a cuantas de esas personas conocemos de verdad, quien estaría cuando le necesitáramos, me atrevería a decir que como máximo unas 10, ¿y las otras personas? son amigos de un amigo de aquel conocido nuestro.
    A pesar de eso pienso que el avance de las tecnologías es bueno, según mi punto de vista nos facilitan mucho la vida, puedes estar en contacto con seres queridos que viven lejos, aunque a veces hagamos un uso inapropiado o abusemos de ellas, somos nosotros los que elegimos emplearlas de este modo, por tanto el aislamiento social es culpa nuestra debido al mal uso de las redes sociales.

  27. Well, I think that new tecnologies arent a problem with relationships or isolation. social media is just a new way to interact with other people and you can choose between using it or not. Most of the people use it beacuse despite of the fact it removes dimensions to our relationships and they can become worse than before; they can give you more variety of people to meet, its easier and more efficient. So its worthy to use it if you dont usually have time to socialize with people. They can also create addiction because you generally have more relationships to take care, and it makes you consume lot of your time on it.

    So social media is another way to socialize. You only have to think about pros and cons respect your lifestile, try both ways and choose. Beacuse its just another option; which is always good, and more when its free!.


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