World book day. Día mundial del libro


I can´t resist sharing one of the best books I have ever read: it is “A Confederacy of Dunces” written by Kennedy Toole. The title is just perfect and the book is an incredible story with singular characters, full of passion, compassion, adventures, philosophy, cruelty… Hope you enjoy it and you can leave your recommendation here if you want.

No me puedo resistir a recomendar en el día de hoy un libro, probablemente uno de los mejores que he leído, se titula: “La conjura de los necios” de Kennedy Toole. Ya de por sí el título es perfecto y el libro es increíble, lleno de personajes peculiares, repleto de pasión y compasión, de aventuras, de filosofía, de crueldad,…. Espero que lo disfrutéis. Podeis dejar vuestras sugerencias en este post para compartir.


11 pensamientos en “World book day. Día mundial del libro

  1. I personally recommend “The Hunger Games” from Suzanne Collins. It´s fantastic to read the whole trilogy in English because in Spanish some of the details are missed because of the translation. I also recommend “Marina” from Carlos Ruiz Zafón to promote national literature

  2. I recommend “La voz dormida”; a book about post spanish civil war. For me it was one of the most “emotional” book in my life. There is also film, I haven’t seen it but I think the books are always better. 🙂

    Recomiendo “La voz dormida”; un libro sobre la post guerra española. Fue uno de los libros más “emocionantes” en mi vida. Existe también la pelicula, no la he visto pero siempre pienso que los libros son mejores. 🙂

  3. I recommend the book “Platón y yo”, I read it one year ago and I found it quite interesting. It is a book that talks about morality and ethics but in a quite easy way that allows you to understand it although you are young. It is about a teenager who receives messages from Platón by which he realizes himself as a person.

  4. I recommend “ Un burka por amor´´, I read it 3 years ago and I love it. It’s about a girl who fall in love with a pakistani boy, she know that is a difficult love but she has to accept his religion and his way of life forgeting about her family and her previous life.She goes from being a free girl to be and abused girl without rights, only for a teen love.

  5. My recommendation are two really good books : Critique of Pure Reason by Inmanuel Kant. I’m trying to have free time to read it because i find it the most interesting book by him. And the second is The banquet, by Platon. I recommend to read this second first than the other, but both are really good books for anyone who likes philosophy and thinking a lot.

  6. I would recommend the book called “Ética para Amador” by Fernando Savater. The narrator is a father who writes a book to his son to have clear ideas about what ethics and morality are. I really liked this book because it helped me to understand better some aspects of ethics with lots of examples in real life.

  7. I recomend the book “A brave new word” by Aldoux Huxley. its a science Fiction book about a world where there aren´t suffering or pain. It’s a futuristic world where everyone takes a drug called “soma” and it makes them feel happy and carefree.The autor captured modern society perfectly,

  8. I recomend ”The Amazing Spiderman”. There are many comics of the saga. I read all the comics 5 years ago. I recomend it because I thing that are very interesting comics and sometimes funnies. The comics are about all the stories of Spiderman. They are the real stories about the hero.


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