Childhood culture has changed. Consumers. La cultura de los niños ha cambiado. Consumidores.

The world of  new technologies, this visual world,  this world of screens, has changed the  culture of childhood. Publicity  has  noticed this and  has started to focus on this new kind of consumers (Children). As soon as a children  comes into this world everyone tries  to make him a consumer. These videos,which can be  subtitled in Spanish,  are a good didactic way to show this objective.

El mundo de las nuevas tecnologías, este mundo visual, el mundo de las pantallas, ha cambiado la cultura de los niños. La primera que se ha dado cuenta es la publicidad que ha centrado su objetivo en convertir a los niños en consumidores. Desde que el niño llega al mundo todo el mundo trata de convertirlo en un consumidor. Estos videos, que se pueden subtitular en castellano (pulsando la techa cc de youtube que aparece debajo) pueden ser muy didácticos para ver esta evolución.

Niños consumidores

This is an example of the effects that publicity has on adolescents.  THere is a real example about the use of photoshop (VERY INTERESTING) Un ejemplo de como influye la publicidad en los adolescentes con una prueba real de photoshop, no os lo perdais.


9 pensamientos en “Childhood culture has changed. Consumers. La cultura de los niños ha cambiado. Consumidores.

  1. I think that both these videos are absolutely right, but overall, the first one is better because many other videos are a bit “one-sided” and they try to make you arrive at a conclusion they want you to, but this one just makes everyone see the world objectively.
    The second one I think is a bit manipulated because some of the images used in it are just part of something that critizices (and I’m talking about the part that goes from 4:20 to 4:42) the whole world of changing our bodies.

  2. I think more or less the same of Joaquin says, the first video is good and has bad subtitles xD, I don’t know why. The second one is better I think, because the video says all the truth, people see better the publicity of a pretty woman or a beautiful boy and we buy the product, I think that these things are manipulate to us.

  3. In this post modern society of our days, with our awesome technological development related to having fun, business and communication, we’ve forgotten the most important thing, our moral values.

    Kids born in this society, are teached from their born days it is necessary to consume. Posters, the internet, and the most important, the TV , are always throwing advertisings, and they just say: Buy Buy Buy, because it’s good.

    We aren’t concious about the education we are teaching to coming generation s.

    And not only in pub superconsumers are we becaming, we are also becaming physical impositions and traumas superconsumers and drugs.

    Trough the huge quantity of advertisings each person watch per day, they told us who to be and how to be.

    Boys must be tall, musculate, brave.. while girls must be tall, thing, beautiful, and with a sexy body.

    There have been a lot of deaths because of steroids in men and so much more deaths because of anorexia in girls… and that’s what we are teaching kids from their childhood, and it has to stop.

    Fortunately, there’s some people who try to scape of all this, but, like in the Allegory of the Cave by Platon, when those people try to show us the real world, they’re excluded of the society, and, in some cases, they’re killed.

    Examples like Victor Jara, John Lenon, Tupac Shakur or the movie The Matrix make us think in another world and that we can stop the Brain-Flush governments have made in the population to mantain us under control.

  4. Fodder that the advertising or the announcements that go out in the television or in other classes of technologies that they speak on since being happy with a thing to be a better person or major sound to feel a foolishness because they do not do anything any more that to play with the mind of the children to make them to think that this object or thing they will change the life, moving away this way from his family and from his best friends, happening more time with the announced object. They should make believe the children who are low one to company in what the new thing fashionable this one and the ancient thing already does not serve, so they must teach the children and them not manipulate bilges.

  5. In my opinion, companys try to control us. They control us with adverts, they start to control us when we are child.
    When you are child you see tv and in tv there are a lot of ads that says that if you play with their products you will be happy or you will have more friends.
    Is like the ad of ‘platanos de Canarias’ of christmas, in this ad you can se one of the three whise men saying that this christmas you don’t have to give to them cookies, you have to give to them ‘platanos de Canarias’ and if you don’t do it they are not going to give to us gifts. So adverts really control us, and is sad that we know that and we continue allowing it. This is one reason by which we don’t have to see tv all the time and we don’t have to believe everything that people say on it.

  6. From my point of view, both videos are right and show how our society is today.

    – The first shows what advertisements has done to children, they are all guided by what the ads say, a lot of children do what the ads ask them to buy or they buy things only to seem like the people they watch on television, that make children to not be at their own, they do not show theirselfs.

    – Whereas in the second advertisement, better than the first one, show us how television manage to control teenagers and to look at a role model, they try to be taller, thinner (for girls) and handsome, stronger (for boys), that is what makes our society sexist even when we do not want.

  7. People try to be different than they are because they focus on ads and want to be like the people who appear in them. For example, the standards of beauty reflect people who are unusual but are perfect and people who want to be like them leads to consequences such as anorexia, bulimia, and other diseases and only for to want to be perfect.
    Regarding with the topic of children and technology, the children to see many people with a toy or anything you want to buy that object, relatives buy it and that with all the kids and that makes children are the main consumers. Also, today’s children instead of going outside to play, play with dolls, cars, etc., playing with phones, tablets and new technologies. It does not seem right because it makes entertained least in sports and that makes more childhood obesity, diabetes …

  8. Well, both videos are correct. The first video teaches us how by means of the advertising try to transform us into consumersand and the second one teaches us what the consumption can lead us, due to the models used for the announcements, so much for boys as for girls.

    In my opinion, both videos are nice, but the second one would be more convincing if they were using real cases with real persons, Because the realism and the representation of a situation that can happen in a daily way makes us process better the message than want to give us.


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