Ethic’s textbook on-line

This is an online  ethic’s textbook    that you can use in  parts  for different subjects. These are the contents and the website.

2.   Moral Development, Mores and Law
3.   Relativism
4.   Ethical Theories
5.   Teleological Theories: Egoism
6.   Teleological Theories: Utilitarianism
7.   Deontological Theories: Natural Law Theory
8.   Kantian Theory: the Categorical Imperative
9.   Rawls Theory: Justice as Fairness
10.  Post Modernism : Pragmatism
11.  Existentialism
12.  Feminism
13.  Relativism Reconsidered and Conclusion
14. Medicine and Health Care
15. Social Policy
16. Business
17. Computers and Technology


Use of technologies. Problemas con las nuevas tecnologías (ejercicio)

This is a little commentary about the  problems   of the new technologies.  There are some questions to evaluate pupil conprehension . I hope you enjoy it.
Este es un comentario de texto sobre los problemas que general las nuevas tecnologías. Contiene un pequeño cuestionario para evaluar la comprensión del alumno.

Nombre y apellidos



1 Write a title

2 Expose the principal ideas of the text

3 What are the principals problems that causes the new technologies?

4 Personal opinion.

Here is little doubt that the Internet represents the spearhead of the industrial revolution. I love new technologies and gadgets that promise new and better ways of doing things. I have many such gadgets myself and I even manage to use a few of them (though not without some pain).A new piece of technology is like a new relationship, fun and exciting at first, but eventually it requires some hard work to maintain, usually in the form of time and energy. I doubt technology’s promise to improve the quality of life and I am still surprised how time-distorting and dissociating the computer and the Internet can be for me, along with the thousands of people I’ve interviewed, studied and treated in my clinical practice. It seems clear that the Internet can be used and abused in a compulsive fashion, and that there are numerous psychological factors that contribute to the Internet’s power and appeal. It appears that the very same features that drive the potency of the Net are potentially habit-forming.

Technology, and most especially, computers and the Internet, seem to be at best easily overused/abused, and at worst, addictive. The combination of available stimulating content, ease of access, convenience, low cost, visual stimulation, autonomy, and anonymity—all contribute to a highly psychoactive experience. By psychoactive, that isRunning Head: Virtual Addiction

to say mood altering, and potentially behaviorally impacting. In other words these technologies affect the manner in which we live and love. It is my contention that some of these effects are indeed less than positive, and may contribute to various negative psychological effects.”

Kant’s ethics. Ética de Kant en ppt.

This is a power point  that aims to explain  Kant’s ethics and the principals points of his theory in an easy  way. I hope you can use it.   It was made by ALais, my  conversation assistant at the School. Thanks Alais.

Este es un Power POint de mi asistente de COnversación, Alais, que ha preparado para explicar, del modo más sencillo posible, las teoría ética de Kant